Find below the list of the different roleplays of the blog and a little summary for each of them to help you pick-up the ones you want to read. They are not sorted in any particular order.

Emily’s nightmare: a pony story

Catherine, a former journalist, is a now a ponygirl at BBF ranch. You will find below the different chapters telling her misadventures. Beware, this story takes place in a human pony ranch and is rather extreme. 

Emily’s nightmare: a pony story

The Inter-blog postcard story

The pictures postcards inter-blog story is an experimental concept, I and my fellow blogger Silky, are trying to put in place. The basic idea is to be able to tell our readers a story based on a single image (a postcard or a phone chat) on which we add a contextual story. As it is a shared effort, we came to the idea to spread the “chapters” between our respective blogs.

The Inter-Blog postcard story

The cheating secretary

A peaceful accountant in a small company. She has made a big mistake and her manager is going to blackmail her in very embarrassing situations. 

The cheating secretary

The little nosy mice

A nosy student of an average college in the disadvantaged area of the city. She works hard to get her degree, but her excessive curiosity and her uncontrollable sense of justice is going to backfire. 

The little nosy mice