Nude in public dares

NIP stands for Nude In Public.

You will find below the list of the dares below that have been submitted to me by my readers after I asked them to help me in living up my exhibitionist fantasies (see Coming out).

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The dares I did already:

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The upcoming dares:

Dare #6: Aroused in a club
Posted by: Jezabelle
Context: For this I would imagine you going in a club. All this dancing, the press of the people around you, gets you aroused and you want release. Find a semi hidden place hitch up your skirt and try to get there. But don’t get caught. Rehide and try again if you do.
Location: a crowded club.
Clothing: Dressed to party with a short dress or skirt.

Dare #8: Flash in the museum (ACCEPTED)
Posted by: Thierry
Context: You will visit a museum with me. At the beginning you will be clothed in standard city clothes, to make sure nobody can suspect what is going to happen. I will give you instructions during the visit on what to do, but expect to showing a lot of yourself.
Location: A museum having some visitors at the time of the dare.
Clothing: A garter belt and stockings, and nothing else, of course no bra and no panties. You will wear a coat to hide your underneath state of undress

Dare #11: Flash at a G-rated infohub (ACCEPTED)
Posted by: Caroline
Context: a dare invented by Caroline in her post Sailing around the world – part 6 – The infohub in the ocean.
Location: any G-Rated InfoHub
Clothing: Nothing specified by Caroline, so it will be very minimalist.

Dare #12: Scandal at Frank’s Jazz club (ACCEPTED)
Posted by: Caroline
Context: I have a seriously hard one for you: I dare you to flash in the middle of Frank’s Jazz Club (not the VIP one) right at the bar! After this everything else will look like child’s play! Oh and I want to see it live.
Location: Frank’s Jazz Club
Clothing: Absolutely nothing

Dare #13: Flirty in a gay club (TO CONSIDER)
Posted by: Jehann
Context: You will go in well frequented gay club and engage the conversations with the guys here. Pretend that you are a transgender and that you regret your choice of being a woman.
Location: Any gay club with a significant crowd
Clothing: Something very sexy and revealing.

Dare #14: World naked bike ride (ACCEPTED)
Posted by: Anonymous
Context: Mimic the world naked bike ride event and bike downtown in your birthday suit.
Location: City center of any town
Clothing: Apart from shoes and the bike nothing. Some bodypaints are very welcome.

Dare #16: Bottomless motor-bike ride (ACCEPTED)
Posted by: Alan
Context: Cathy, I am a fan of your dare #1 and it would be fantastic if you could do this again. This time, you will ride a motor-bike as the back passenger, without a stich on from waist down. Boots are allowed, I do not want you to get burnt. You will need an accomplice to drive you through a crowded town and shock the crowd by your boldness.
Location: City center of any town
Clothing: Nothing from waist down exception of boots. Top can be anything a biker would likely wear, a leather jacket and a tshirt for instance.