A SecondLife backpacker just started his own blog

When I was at Caroline’s place a few weeks ago, a bit before she gave a very interesting lesson to one of her customers, we had Jude, a common friend, who popped up. He was actually introduced to me by Caroline when I was starting to consider starting my own”business”, it was a year ago. Since then we kept in touch.


Jude told us he intended to start his own blog to tell his stories in SecondLife. This time it will be from a male perspective, which is quite a change and promising, knowing his open-mind and his taste for adventures.

Actually the blog has now started and I am  following him, have a look, already two posts published and, most probably, more to come!

The SL Backpacker.

I met Jude again, not so long ago, after he published his first post and we had a little chat at a café (a place where I prepare my next mischief … but shhhh!). We then headed to a nearby beach he knew and had a very romantic dance there. Sadly he had to run again, just when things were getting “interesting” … so sad.

I hope to see you soon again Jude! In the meantime, all the best for your new blog!


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