Dare Party #1

What is this again? * smiles *

Silky and I dare you to join us to a flashing mob event. This is once again an attempt to create social links between players of our beloved SecondLife world. Do you like to travel the grid, dance, listen to good music and are you brave enough to flash some skin? Then here is your chance to do all in once.

I definitely hope to meet some you at the party planned on May 8th at 1am GMT+1 which will translate to May 7th 4pm SLT. To find out what this is in your timezone follow this link: http://www.worldtimezone.com/

More details about the party on Silky’s post.


Kiss you all,



  1. “Flashing Mob Event” ….. I love that ;D
    Really looking forward to it, and hope to see some nice people around. I promise not to make too much noise but half way decent music 😉

    Oh and by the way … Cathy you are next … for the flyer of party No. 2


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