Hippy style

My dear readers,

The first post of the year, it is such an emotion. I have many writings in progress, but in order to avoid the blank page syndrome (the blank blog in this occasion), I wanted to post quite quickly something simple.

I did not turn into a fashion blogger (maybe one day, it is probably a lot of fun), but I wanted to show you the hippie long skirt I bought recently. I took the pictures at Silky‘s house. What do you think?

At Silky's house
At Silky’s house


I take the opportunity to remind (as I announced it already in the 2015 retrospective), that I will work this year to move my standard avatar to a mesh body one … and I anticipate it will be a long process. I will keep you updated of the different steps of this adventure (just in case some of you are considering the same move).





  1. It looks great 🙂 Love the combination … a bit thin for the cold sim but nevertheless 😉 Remodelling you has been a lot of fun. Looking forward to the final result 😀


    • Thank you so much for your great assistance in selecting and helping getting the right choices … we will see what I will look like at the end but I am confident. Still a bit afraid of the complexity of the alpha layers on mesh bodies.


      • Don’t be afraid. It might be confusing at first, but you will easily slip into it. Its just a matter of getting to know what the Body is capable of. Once you know the Alpha a Little you won’t need presets and stuff. Its just a matter of practise 🙂


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