Dainiz enJoys perfection hunt

Dear Readers,

I wrote a new post about Dainiz & Joy on Caroline’s blog:

What do you think of all these builders making our secondlife so magnificent ? It’s your chance to admire and congratulate them for their astonishing work … Well just an opinion though.



  1. Dear Catherine, exploring and discovering the beautiful, astonishing and marvellous lands we have in SL is one of my major delights. In same cases I remain without words in front of some breath-taking landscapes or more-than-real-surprising buildings. You have been so lucky meeting those persons who designed and built one of them! What I loved the most of this post? The detail of you wearing your photo-camera as true photojournalist! Thank you


  2. Dear Alma, I absolutely agree with you, some sims are really astonishing by their beauty. Dainiz and Joy's place is a very good one and you can understand why when you see the passion and time they both commit into this. And concerning the little details, yes I like to do that to feel in character. 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment. If you know a nice location to visit, let me know.


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