1. Thank you for sharing the hallucinatory, claustrophobic, frightening experience you had. You succeeded in transmitting all the feelings of pain, suffer, terror, disgust you had, but reading this is also attractive in some way. Is a perfect balance of repugnance and fascination and the both feelings are still presents after reading. I feel a sensation of painful constraint but also of relief from the day-life worries. It's a bitter-sweet taste indeed. All is focused on survival needs and on the training to obtain that. I'm still shocked, scared and tempted by your words. And that was your goal. Thanks!


  2. Alma, you are definitely a very daring person … you are my first reader to dare to comment on my most extreme series of posts. Ponyplay is definitely not for all tastes, not saying it's yours, I just appreciate you got emotionnally touched. Hope you don't judge me too harshly though.
    Take care Dear!


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