1. I think I should have the privilege being the first one to write a comment to this post, a nice post to my personal feelings. You're completely right Catherine, when you write something, whatever might it be, a poem or a blog as well, what you write is not completely yours, but belongs to everyone who will read it. I support your writing. Who can know how the reader will react? You touched me, thank you so much for that. Alma


  2. Thank you for the beautiful poem and sentiment. I'm glad to know you at least a little bit, Catherine, and I hope you continue to write and entertain!


  3. Hello Cathy,

    I understand you only too well. The interaction with others on the topics they write as well as sharing my thoughts with others, is what is fueling my ambitions as well.
    I love following your stories, and hope you will continue to fuel that lust for new words as well.
    Maybe we can find some time to meet in world and just delve in words a little 😉



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